What product contains

  • Mobile voice services – variety of traffic routing options, IN features,  VAS services
  • SMS services – managed by own state-of-the-art SMS centre
  • Mobile data services – 2G/3G, WAP - variety of traffic routing options, VPNs, FUP management. LTE coming soon.

Key product advantages

  • Carrier class MVNE platform cooperating with a mobile radio access network (RAN) having the best quality and coverage in the Czech republic
  • White label or branded SIMs
  • End users selfcare portal
  • Dedicated and experienced sales team
  • Dedicated and experienced billing team
  • Direct interconnect with more than 110 carriers abroad and with all significant operators in countries with footprint
  • 24/7/365 NOC

Targeted customer segment

  • CaTV operators, VoIP operators, ISPs, Grey operators, Resellers
  • Available in CZ

Technical parametres

  • GSM Radio Access Network
  • Provisioning through xml/SOAP, REST/JSON, .CSV file upload or Web GUI
  • Voice traffic handling to partner´s network through standard TDM (PRI-DSS1, E1-SS7) or VoIP (protocols H.323, SIP, SIP T, codecs G.711, G.729)
  • Data traffic handling to partner´s network through VLAN
  • SMS traffic handling to partner´s network through  UCP/EMI, SMPP or HTTPS