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Special Number is ideal for marketing campaigns that require a universal phone number that’s easy to remember. To further encourage new customers to call your business without hesitation, the Freephone option enables them to call your company for free. For easy and cost-effective accessibility, the Shared Cost option ensures that your customers can reach you at one simple number for an affordable rate. If you want maximum savings on telecommunication costs, but also to offer an uniform and easily remembered contact to your company, it's the right time to consider the Universal Access Number service.


  • Increases customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Eliminates customer hesitation to call
  • Simple and seamless migration to the GTS platform
  • Flexible solutions to meet your specific environment and requirements
  • Ensures uninterrupted business operations
  • On-line WEB configurator for set-up of Special Number+ service version
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers


Overview Applications Specification Service Coverage
Special Number is a comprehensive, cost-efficient, and reliable inbound domestic voice service.

Key components:

  • Service access number: a selection of standard and gold numbers that are easily accessible from all domestic networks.

  • Inbound call services
    • Freephone – free calling for your customers
      • Eliminates reluctance to call for information about your company’s products or services
      • Gives customers easy access to your company – increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Shared Cost – low-cost inbound call management for your business
      • The best option for financing inbound call management
      • Reduces the risk of receiving malicious calls 
    • Universal Access Number – no cost for  inbound calls
      • Thanks to no costs for incoming phone calls and an easily remembered number, it is ideal means of communication.
      • Eliminates receiving malicions calls

  • Additional services
    These additional services help you maximize your call reception resources and ensure that customers have quick and easy access to your company. Explore additional functionalities such as conditional call routing, queuing, interactive voice response (IVR), or voicemail options.

Our enterprise-class inbound communication solution offers a combination of advanced features, unrivalled availability, a selection of service options, and an easily recognizable phone number.

Improve your company’s accessibility by enabling your customers to dial a single number across any domestic fixed or mobile network. Our service helps you handle calls conditionally depending on the hour, day of the week or year, and/or the caller’s number. IVR communication enables you to provide automatic responses to standard questions, saving your customer service representatives time and improving their productivity.

Quick and easy set-up of service and tuning of calling plan by on-line WEB configurator in Special Number+ service version. As a free of charge you can remove, add or edit particular parameters or simply browse current settings.

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