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Upcoming changes

Change of product names

Dear client, we would like to inform you that on January 1st, 2015 the names of our services have changed. This change has taken place due to the merger of GTS Czech Ltd. and T-Mobile Czech Republic Inc. The parameters and the prices of the services remain unchanged. List of the changed service names:

Czech service name English service name New Czech service name New English service name
GTS IP komplet GTS Total Business IP komplet IP Office
GTS Leased Line GTS Leased Line Pronajatý okruh Leased Line
GTS internet DSL GTS Internet DSL Internet ADSL/VDSL Internet ADSL/VDSL
GTS datacentrum GTS Colocation Datová centra Housing
GTS internet GTS Internet Profesionální internet Business Internet
GTS Managed Security GTS Managed Security Managed Firewall Managed Firewall
GTS Virtual Private Server (VPS) GTS Virtual Private Server (VPS) Virtuální datová centra Virtual Data Center
GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) Virtuální datová centra Virtual Data Center
GTS Data Storage GTS Data Storage Virtuální úložiště Virtual Storage
GTS Leased Line - KIVS GTS Leased Line - KIVS Pronajaté okruhy - KIVS Leased Line - KIVS
GTS Premium Net GTS Premium Net IP komplet premium IP Office Premium
GTS Premium Net+ GTS Premium Net+ IP komplet premium+ IP Office Premium+
GTS IP komplet DSL GTS Total Busines DSL IP komplet DSL IP Office DSL
GTS Backup GTS Backup Virtuální záloha Virtual Backup
DDoS Protection Platinum DDoS Protection Platinum DDoS ochrana DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection Dedicated DDoS Protection Dedicated DDoS ochrana DDoS Protection

For all remaining services were removed only the word "GTS", with the exception of services „GTS mobile“ and „GTS Complete“, which remain unchanged.